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Integrity Pledge
A Tribute to Manchester United Great, Dennis Viollet 1933-1999

Dennis holding Kickers Mascot Joey before

the 1995 Championship Season.



A poem for Helen in honour of Dennis


Though I am sad to leave you

Though fate may seem unkind

There is no sorrow in my heart

As I leave this life behind


Fortune has dealt me a shorter term

Than three score years and ten

But I have lived a thousand lives

In the hearts of other men


For I have shared and treasured

The precious gift of few

I have known the pleasure and the pride

Of boyhood dreams come true


I have tasted the thrill of victory

In the course of battles run

I have soared aloft on the roar of the crowd

As another goal was won


And if as they say a life is rich

With one single friend alone

How great is the wealth of a man with friends

Whose number is never known


I think of the comrade I have loved

Whose lives were cruelly stilled

Weep for them, weep not for me

My life has been fulfilled


Oft I have dined at the feast of joy

I have tasted the sweetest wine

And who can say that he has shared

A love as deep as mine


And so farewell, yet do not grieve

Think of me for a while

Beyond a tear Id rather be

Remembered with a smile


By Geoffrey H Galley


Dennis Viollet was in a class of his own.  Dennis was modest, humble, caring, generous, honest, funny, respected and loved by everyone.  Whenever his name is mentioned to someone who knew him, the immediate response is He was such a gentleman."  I guess thats why Stoke City Football Club named a street leading into their new stadium, Dennis Viollet Avenue. 


Dennis was a great role model.  He gave so many young people the tools to help them through life.  He would take an average experience and makes it so special with his touch.  Even though we miss him dearly, we can only humor him by attempting to fill half his shoes and spread the wealth.  Thank you, Dennis for so many great years and letting us see life so clear. 


It is the pledge of the Pumas to inspire young people in our community to just as Dennis did for so many years. 






Dennis, his wife Helen and Academy Director Bobby Lennon before a Kickers Match.

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